The Harvest

By | July 7, 2012

I took off work on June 19th to pull supers and extract.  Jim allowed me to bring all my honey and use his extractor, knife, and lots of nice other facilities.  I acquired some nice food grade buckets at a local bakery and restaurant, and mounted a Maxant honey gate on one of them.  I also bought a 400 micron filter that fits over a bucket.  I pulled 10 supers, but a couple only had a couple drawn frames in them, and some others had uncapped frames that I didn’t extract.  All in all I got about 140lbs and it’s tasty stuff.  I’ve already given out honey to neighbors, friends, and family.  I’m working with the PDA to get registered in some way around bottling in a rented certified kitchen since I cannot get my own kitchen certified (due to the family pets).  When I finally get that registration complete I plan to sell it here at the house.  I’m not sure of the demand, but we’ll see.  I’ll certainly never turn a profit, hopefully I’ll recoup a bit of the money I’ve put into all of this.  A commercial beekeeper acquaintance said he couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing comb honey since I had foundationless frames.  That is something I’ll consider in the future, but right now I just don’t have enough comb as it is, so I need all that comb on the hives.

Well, without furthur ado, here are the pictures.  I had a load of fun, and they speak for themselves I think.

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