By | July 19, 2012

The summer’s burning daylight and I’m already beginning to think about pre-winter mite treatments, but I did a quick look-through last night on the hives here at the house and figured I’d write a quick post.

I had 8 supers full of comb that I had extracted and I then put back on the 4 hives here at the house.  On three of those hives, the 2 supers are now unbelievably heavy.  Not as heavy as before I harvested of course, but I can’t believe how heavy the bees have made those in the month since I extracted.  One of the hives, the hive on the scale, hasn’t touched them.  Not sure what I should be doing with that hive at this point.  They might be queenless or simply need a new one.  When I inspected last night I found a capped queen cell.  I was doing all this in the late evening last night so the lack of light made seeing eggs impossible.  I’ll plan to check on that hive again in a week or so to see if that cell emerged.  I think very soon I’ll split those two empty supers between two of the other hives.  No use leaving them on that scale hive if they can’t fill them.

I have a nuc here at the house too.  I didn’t go through it last night but the last time I did it too looked great.  I removed two frames of brood from that nuc to start two little mating nucs with some of Jim’s queen cells.  That’ll be a different post.

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