Location As a Management Tool

By | June 8, 2013

I haven’t logged into the blog in a while and found this post with nothing but a title staring back at me.  I guess I was thinking ahead at some point in the past…amazing.

As the real estate adage goes, location, location, location.  Jumping a bit, when bees have trouble with disease or queen mating or some other aspect of their lives, we deal with it by changing our management of the hive.  We treat, requeen with a mated queen, take some other action to ensure the bees thrive.  But what if a location is just a bad location.  Rarely do we think about picking up the bees and moving them.  We try the other things.  We requeen, we treat for things, we swap boxes, we split, etc.  But I believe some locations just don’t work for bees.  And I think this is fairly localized.  Bad locations don’t span tens of miles, it may just be a few miles and a change in sun light, direction pointed, etc, that can take a hive from average to great, or struggling to good.

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