Labels and Signs and Honey, Oh My

By | August 1, 2012

So I’m sitting on a pile of honey.  It won’t go bad of course, but what am I possibly going to do with it all?  Sell it is what.

First I needed a label.  I found some nice ones at  One is an oval with a cut-off top and bottom that was actually listed as a honey label.  Those wont’ fit on 8oz jars though so along with those I bought some nice smaller ovals.  I designed my label in Photoshop.  I then made a full sheet of them to match the label sheet. has pdf templates which made this so much easier.  I expanded the ovals in both cases so they printed over the edge of the actual labels which gives a great full-bleed effect.  I’ll stop typing now, a picture is worth a thousand words after all.

Now these pretty labels won’t do a lick of good if no one knows I’m selling the honey, so I needed a sign to put out by the road.  I got a little crafty, or is that craftish, when it came to the sign.  I didn’t want anything vinyl, I just didn’t like any designs that I saw.  I wanted something that looked old and homemade.  Having a wood sign custom lettered though is a pricy proposition.  I figured there was some way a no-talent like myself could cheat a little at this.  I found an online tip about printing the letters on paper and then taping that to the wood, outlining the letters with a ballpoint pen, and then painting inside the indent left by the pen.  I tried that, but I’m just not that good at freehanding the paint brush, my letters looked a little too homemade.  So I decided to make a small change in the method.  I covered the entire surface of the board with masking tape.  I printed the sign on paper with the laser printer, and then taped the paper to the wood on top of the masking tape.  I then cut the letters out with an hobby knife which also cut the masking tape.  Once finished with the letters I removed the paper and peeled out the letters from the masking tape and had a stuck-on stencil.  I painted inside the letters but the tape let me be a little sloppy with it.  Two coats of letter paint and I peeled off the masking tape to reveal decent letters.  I did this on two board,s both sides.  I plan to hang this on a upside-down L shaped sign holder.  Here’s your thousand words.

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