Stand is up, but they're late again

By | April 3, 2011

On 3/25 I built the 8 foot table-style stand I designed using Google’s Sketchup. Having the Sketchup drawing was great. The pieces were all easily measurable and quantifiable, 10 of these, 3 of those, 8 of that, etc. I had all pieces cut before I even began. Here’s the Sketchup drawing and the table as built.

There’s still nothing alive to have on these stands, as the bees were held up again because of weather.  I’m concerned that I’ll be out of town when they come in, or I’ll have a repeat of last year…pick them up, hive them, and leave for a week.  I’m not pleased.


Hydrochiliman on June 15, 2012 at 6:32 pm.

This looks like one of the best multiple hive stands I’ve seen. Great job!
As I use British National hives I wondered if you could make your SketchUp file available so I could modify to suit the British hive?


libhart on June 21, 2012 at 9:11 am.


Thanks for the compliment. One thing I’ll say now that I’ve used it for a while is that it’d be better if it had a solid deck on its surface. It’s very easy to set a hive body down on the stand but when setting down your smoker or hive tool or whatever it’s always a balancing act. I also was pulling honey just this past weekend and just 3 supers over the three medium bodies (so 6 high) was a little awkward. I little step stool could easily help with that though.

Here’s the file:
Sketchup of the hivestand


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